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KTLA Cews Caster Gets a Shakedown

ktla guy

Woke up this morning to a mini quake…this guy obviously was not ready for that. hhahh

Apple Car Play

Apple iOS in the Car!! whats up now. Apple nerds worldwide just sh*t themselves. The new Ferrari, Honda, Hyundai, Jaguar, Mercedes, and Volvo will be equipped with this amazing set up. This might be worse than texting while driving,but who cares! Hopefully there will be an aftermarket version available in the near future as well.. Either way apple is crushin the infotainment game.


carplay carplay2 carplay3 carplay4

Les Twins

These twins are some of the sickest poppers I have ever seen!!



Dunk Exchange 2014-Las Vegas

So DunkExchange was pretty hectic at this years Vegas edition. There were a grip of sneaker heads gettin’ their hustle on. The shoe game has come a long way. Generations on generations of kids to adults…kids that became adults.. anyways…

 Here is my cap up of DXC. Some of the footage is rough,there was a gang of peeps which made it hard for me to smash thru the crowd.







Nike Air Mag Power Laces

So the Nike Air Mags from Back to the Future are coming out with the POWER LACES!!!


The first edition did not have them…according to the movie they came out in 2015. So Mr. Tinker Hatfield is making it happen. These things should be strapping feets next year!! Pretty amazing. Hopefully they will be a little more access-able …probably not. But what can you do? 

Yeezy’s on iD’zeeys..Nope

I have been seein this screen cap on twitter & people are gettin hyped..
Don’t think this is gonna happen. According to my sources-THIS IS TOTALLY FAKE.
This would be great of NIKE to give back to the public for waiting & camping out for limited shoes that no one can acquire..
Kanye is doing his new shoes with Adidas anyways… why doesnt nike just blast his kicks on iD??? 
Its like the Foams,those aint goin to iD anytime soon..

No yeez

Kate Upton is on her way up…into space

Kate upton is on the up & up…into space. Here is her doing her latest photoshoot in zero gravity